Visitation was developed by me.

Visitation was developed by me.


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Visitation was made using the Bitsy game editor for a monthly Bitsy game jam with the theme of “Archaeology.”

I wanted to explore that theme and learn to build in Bitsy, so I produced Visitation over the course of a few days. As much as I am fascinated by earth-bound archaeology, I felt like I’d have a bit more flexibility making a story about archaeology on Mars.

The game is short, so I encourage you to play to the end, where you may meet someone who has waited for you a long time.

I created all the content in Visitation. Several Bitsy hacks by Sean S. LeBlanc allowed me to so some slightly more sophisticated gameplay than Bitsy supports by default.

Rail Surveyor is currently in development by me.

Rail Surveyor is currently in development by me.

Rail Surveyor

Rail Surveyor is a microstrategy game about discovering and exploiting resources.

It was created using Construct 3, a 2D game development engine created by Scirra. It is in a highly playable alpha state, with entirely placeholder art, and gets a batch of improvements when I pick it up every few months.

Rail Surveyor was inspired by the game Oasis by Mind Control Software and, of course, a little bit by Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon.

If you’d like an invitation to test Rail Surveyor, get in touch with me on Twitter.